Wahine School Year Program

Registration in on now!

New Wahine Season begins September 6. Select the full or half year programming that is the right fit! There will be an information meeting at REI in Marina, 6:30-7:30 that is suggested for families of new participants and will be Mandatory for those who are interested in Teen Program. All registration is online and can be done thru the following link August 10-August 25th. https://wahineproject.wufoo.com/forms/wahine-project-registration-form-201415/

Mini-hines! Designed for the 5-7 year old this program meets on the first Saturday of each month, 9-11am. It will give the younger Wahine time in the sea throughout the year. Beach games, water play, boogie and surfboarding will give them more confidence in the ocean without the longer day and older participants that our Core Program offers. Fee is $160 for Half Year, Sept – Dec, $300 Full Year, Sept-May. $25 Non-Refundable Registration Fee.

Designed for 8-12 year olds this program will introduce new participants to the ocean and give more time in the sea to the seasoned water girl.  Register now for your opportunity to get to know the ocean, learn to surf, improve your surfing, become more proficient in ocean activities, get healthy inside and out, do your part to protect the ocean, make new friends and have fun at the beach throughout the school year. Fees are as follows: Full Year/Full Time meeting every 4 Sat’s per month, Sept-May, $900; Full Year/Part Time meeting 2 Saturdays per month, Sept-May, $700; Half Year/Full Time meeting 4 Sat’s per month, Sept-Dec, $600; Half Year/Part Time meeting 2 Sat’s per month, Sept-Dec, $400. $25 Non-Refundable Registration Fee. Times: 9-1pm.

Institute for Women Surfers: The Wahine Project! Designed for teens ages 13-19 including college students this is a year long curriculum to build better surfers while giving them a platform and voice to redefine the course of female surfing. For the entry level to intermediate surfer this program meets two Sundays per month and will include surf and lecture times and various surf locations. The year will include your choice of Domestic or International Travel in June. This is the first program of its kind to ever be offered combining the sport of surfing and female sport activism. Curriculum developed by Surfaid International, Inspire Initiative and the Summer Surf Institute for Women Surfers will be included in this unique program. Prices will vary depending on travel desired ranging from $1,500-$3,000. Attendance at Information Meeting is Mandatory with Parent or Guardian if under 18. There will be NO Scholarships offered for this programing but fundraising will be a part of attending this program to cover individual fees. NO ONE will be turned away for inability to pay. Registration Forms will be given out to families that attend the Mandatory Meeting on Aug 16th. Clinics will be the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month 9-3pm.

Full and Half Scholarship are offered and can be applied for thru the following link: https://wahineproject.wufoo.com/forms/scholarship-request-copy/

Moms Surf Group! Meets every Tuesday. Learn to surf with us. All equipment provided. Begins Sept 9, 10-12pm. Location: Casa Verde. Contact us to join.

We are looking for Sponsors this year. We will have multi-tiered options for one time donations that will include banner, website and social media marketing opportunities. As a non-profit all contributions are tax deductible. Please contact us!

The 1Bag1World is here!


1Bag1World was created to RESTORE THE BEAUTY OF WOMEN AND OUR WORLD by empowering and uniting girls in the US, Peru, and the Philippines to be the wave of change in their beaches, cities, and jungles through conserving their countries natural beauty and providing educational awareness about the importance of recycling, reducing and reusing.

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Additional Boys Camp weeks

Due to popular demand we will be partnering with Explore Corps for two additional weeks of Boys Surf Camp.

June 23-27 and July 14-18.

Fee $200 or $150 if you have already signed up for one week.

Contact us: info@thewahineproject.org

Order form:




“The Wahine Project” video.

Check out this great video by Jay Dunn!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.55.32 PM

Meet the young surfers of The Wahine Project, a girls-only, nonprofit educational program that also teaches ocean conservation, physical conditioning, and responsible citizenship. With new friends, open minds and a global outlook, these young women are developing their confidence riding the green and blue swells of Monterey Bay.

Photographed and recorded on location by Jay Dunn.

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