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1Bag1World was created to RESTORE THE BEAUTY OF WOMEN AND OUR WORLD by empowering and uniting girls in the US, Peru, and the Philippines to be the wave of change in their beaches, cities, and jungles through conserving their countries natural beauty and providing educational awareness about the importance of recycling, reducing and reusing.

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Additional Boys Camp weeks

Due to popular demand we will be partnering with Explore Corps for two additional weeks of Boys Surf Camp.

June 23-27 and July 14-18.

Fee $200 or $150 if you have already signed up for one week.

Contact us:

Order form:



Wahine Summer Registration is here!

We offer camps every week of June and July.  Summer Camps are open for age 5-17. We also have two weeks of additional Boys Camps and a week with additional Teen Program. We also offer Summer Camps in San Diego and Santa Cruz. Check it out! Basic Camp will be mon-fri, 9-1 with an option of an extended day to 5 pm. Basic cost is $200 with the week of July 4th one less day but one extra hour each day keeping cost the same. Extended days will cost an extra $150 each week.

Camp Details:
All Ocean activities, surf, boogie, body surfing, stand up paddling. More art. Beach Games, and activities. Each week we have visiting artists. Movies at the Library, we did this last year and the girls loved it. For extended days, we will have more pop ups for sun coverage along with tents, walking field trips from Wharf #2, afternoon kayaking, pool swimming. We have visiting surf instructors this summer from Wales, Mexico and Belgium.
Additional Teen Program: June 23-27
All of our camps are multi age, multi level but this week will also additional accommodate Teens with instruction with one of the Instructors from Wales.
Wahine Summer Camps and Teen Program:
Ocean Pier:
June 16-20th 10-1pm $150
Sign up thru this form:


Santa Cruz Dates/Manresa:
June 16-20 & July 14-18
Sign up thru this form for SC:

Boys Program/Sacred Sea: Boys
Dates: June 9-13 and July 7-11
Fee: $200 Extended Day $150 additional
We are partnering with a group of male instructors who will work with boys ages 6-14 in a program called Sacred Sea. Offering a camp very similar to what we do in Wahine. Same accommodations with times and pricing for extended days. Please contact me separately if you would like registration for boys. Need to bring lunch. All equipment provided.

Form for boys Camps:

“The Wahine Project” video.

Check out this great video by Jay Dunn!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.55.32 PM

Meet the young surfers of The Wahine Project, a girls-only, nonprofit educational program that also teaches ocean conservation, physical conditioning, and responsible citizenship. With new friends, open minds and a global outlook, these young women are developing their confidence riding the green and blue swells of Monterey Bay.

Photographed and recorded on location by Jay Dunn.

Copyright The Salinas Californian/Gannett 2014. All rights reserved.



Monterey Spring Break Camps


Session #1 March 24-28
Session #2 March 31-April 4
Session #3 April 14-18
Session #4 April 21-25

Girls Only! Spend your Spring Break at the beach where you will learn to surf
or sharpen your surfing skills.
Surfing, art, cooking, films, ocean/beach photography and film will
make the week super awesome.
All equipment provided.

Times, 9-1pm.
Fee: $200
(deduct $25 for currently registered Wahines)
Scholarships Available
Open to 15 participants, ages 7-17.

Please email us for registration and/or scholarship forms:

Contact us at (831)236-4642 for more information

Registration due 2 weeks prior to each session.


Wahine in The Herald

Monterey’s Wahine Project gets girls on board with surfing

Her childhood home in East Salinas was just 30 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but Dionne Ybarra visited the ocean only on rare occasions.

“For us, being so strongly connected to the Hispanic culture, the bay was like a world away,” she says. “Once a year we’d come to the beach for Fourth of July, and that was my dream day — a family thing, with all the relatives.

“My mom raised me to be afraid of the water. She always told me there was this shelf, this cliff in the ocean, and as soon as you step in, you’ll fall and go straight in. I was never allowed to go in past my ankles, which was fine with me, because I carried that fear all my life.”

She sees similar trepidation in many of the girls, ages 7 to 17, who show up regularly for surfing lessons through a program she created, The Wahine Project…READ MORE