“Inspiring a global response that eliminates the barriers preventing a diversity of girls from a personal relation with the ocean and with one another.”






Allow a diversity of girls access to ocean sports who would otherwise not have the opportunity.


Focus on ocean safety and ocean recreation.


Provide education on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle thru exercise and good nutrition.


Promote positive self esteem thru the participation of sports


Develop a sense of social responsibility and environmental stewardship.





I am Wahine
I am the very essence of being a girl
We share what we have
Our humanity is caught up in one another
I am a Wahine because I belong, I participate, I share
A Wahine is Open, Available, and Affirming to others
We do not feel threatened because other Wahines are able and good
I have self assurance and I feel bad when others are hurt
We may just start a chain reaction.



Dionne Ybarra

Our Founding Director Dionne Ybarra is a Mexican American woman born and raised in a marginalized neighborhood in East Salinas, California. The idea for The Wahine Project presented itself when as an adult she took up surfing and it transformed her life.  She has since sought to share the liberating and empowering experience of a relationship with the ocean. Dionne has come to the understanding that more time in the ocean becomes  a powerful vehicle for connecting girls to their own self-empowerment as well as a way to connect communities of diverse girls to environment, ocean and with one another. She created The Wahine project to eliminate the barriers that may get in the way of those relationships and provide opportunities for them to grow.


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